Winning the Battle with Your Inner Critic

Does your inner critic’s judgment get you down? Keep you stuck? Prevent you from seeing life’s beauty and enjoying your own creations? A client recently shared her experience of taking her sister to a wine and paint party.  You might have heard of them… they can be a lot of fun.  However, they can also bring out […] Read more »

The Price of Peace

Maybe you’ve been there…. tiptoeing gingerly around your house trying not to set him/ her off!  Or worse, giving into buying her/him the chocolate bar or new shiny toy… not because you want to give him/her a treat… not because it’s good for him/her… not because you can afford it… but because you will do anything to […] Read more »

Paint Your Heart Out!

I didn’t believe I had an artistic bone in my body until I was 32 years old and REQUIRED to take a university fine arts class.  While it was an introductory class, all of the other students had obviously considered themselves artistic and had continued drawing, painting and exploring art all of their lives. I […] Read more »

“I Shoulda Woulda Coulda Said…”

Look before you leap, think before you speak, plan before you act… sound familiar? It is what we have all been taught and sometimes it is indeed helpful! But what if this deeply ingrained conditioning is what CREATES anxiety and separation between us and others? What if it is what keeps us tied up in […] Read more »

Out of the Closet Spin Cycle

Wow! Ever notice how the mind takes and turns and spins something into such a big deal that you avoid it altogether? Well, maybe YOU don’t do that but I do! That’s what’s been happening for years so I am coming out of the spin closet and sharing right now. I have had such resistance […] Read more »