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9 Ways to Bring Out the Best in You & Your Child paperback book

“Your children are watching you. You can best inspire them to live their dreams by living yours. You inspire them to be all that they can be by being all that you can be.”  Maggie Reigh, from 9 Ways

“Written with both simple logic and soaring imagination, it is a graceful new approach to the age old world of parenting. The book is a refreshing look at possibilities of achieving self improvement in the midst of attempting to improve our children and our relationships with them. 

As a mom, I have had the opportunity to read several books on parenting. Many are helpful, but it is often hard to swallow some of the less than practical information.

With Maggie’s book, I was filled with a, first ever, excitement that made the book almost impossible to put down. It was delightfully honest, extremely practical and always inspiring. Maggie’s humble, honest approach to helping parents really enjoy the journey of parenting was a delight.” Michele Houlihan

9 Ways is written for parents but any teacher or worker with children could benefit hugely from reading it. This is a book that could revolutionize both the way we treat children in our homes and schools, and the way children accept and put into practice taking responsibility for their own actions. It’s a book that makes me want to stand up and cheer on just about every page.

Maggie Reigh takes the view that parenting is not about controlling children and exercising power over them, but about empowering both parent and child.  It’s about turning power struggles into powerful relationships, about creating rather than reacting, by shifting our perceptions and asking and listening rather than judging and correcting.


  1. The Way of Mutual Respect; Cracking the Old Parenting Mold
  2. The Way of Mutual Empowerment; Turning Power Struggles into Powerful Relationships
  3. The Way of Emotional Grounding; Dealing with Feelings- Yours and Your Child’s
  4. The Way of Communication; Developing Meaningful Communication
  5. The Way of Vision; Bringing Your Values to Life
  6. The Way of Encouragement; Raising Resilient, Self-Motivated & Responsible Individuals
  7. The Way of Living Harmoniously with Others; Helping Kids Get Along
  8. The Way of Loving Discipline; Providing Guidance in a Context of Love, Respect, and Responsibility
  9. The Way of Parenting with Spirit; Honouring the Highest Good in Yourself & Your Child & Embracing Delight.


Price: $19.95
for book only

Combining insight with practical ideas, anecdotes and humor with principles and techniques, Reigh shows you how to add joy and laughter to  everyday life while raising children who are full of spirit, yet respectful, responsible, and resilient, caring human beings. Parenting, she says, is a matter of the heart.

Caution: This book is not for control freaks who are not prepared to let go; it is for those who want to be empowered rather than powerful!This book… should be mandatory reading for every parent and teacher, in my opinion.  It encourages us to look at children in positive ways, treating “problems” as opportunities rather than difficulties.” Review by Marnie Agnew, KUCA News, Editor, in KUCA News

“Maggie Reigh has designed and written a unique book on parenting that is fun and filled with new insights! She never makes you feel guilty, inadequate, or incompetent. She will inspire you with her stories about ski trips, butterflies, and lampshades. your children will thank you for reading this book. Feel the “burn” as your own inner light and the inner lights of your children shine brighter and brighter.” Meg Hickling, author of More Speaking of Sex


“I have never really read parenting books because they are boring and long-winded. I have only one parenting book in my home and that is “9 Ways to bring out the best in you & your child” From the first sentence, it held my attention!This is the only book that is needed in my house. It has helped me in so many ways, but the biggest impact is that it keeps on reminding me how I want to raise my kids. My kids are now 4 and 6 and are delightfully spirited (just how I like them to be!)and this book has been in our house for around 3 years and will continue to be brought out again and again to remember why we had our little bundles of joy; because they are joy! Thank you so very much!  Lori Schauer

Price: $19.95
for book only

Price: $35.95
for book + workbook (save $4)

Price: $7.95
digital ePub book for use with eReaders If you don’t have a physical eBook reader, you can download Adobe Digital Editions to read the ePub book on you computer


9 Ways Family Workbook 

This resource brings learning to life by providing experiential exercises that guide parents, families, and professionals in applying skills and concepts to everyday life. The workbook expands on concepts presented in the book, 9 Ways to Bring Out the Best in You & Your Child and gives you tools to:

  • Put your life into perspective and create what you want NOW
  • Recognize and break free from unwanted parenting patterns you may have ‘inherited’
  • Increase self-awareness and take charge of your emotions
  • Deal with anger and aggression in children
  • Coach children to develop the practical and social skills they need to succeed in life
  • Release tension and prevent stress build up through activities and relaxation exercises
  • Stimulate discussion and invite parents to work together
  • Improve communication skills in the whole family through exercises and games you can play together
  • Create loving and trusting relationships
  • Problem solve peacefully and teach children to resolve their own conflicts
  • Increase self-awareness and deal with your own difficult emotions
  • Raise your child’s self-esteem, reduce sibling rivalry and encourage cooperation
  • Discipline in ways that encourage responsibility and accountability and discourage rebellion and resentment

Throughout the workbook you’ll find self-assessment and reflective exercises, quotes and discussion starters, tips and charts and family activities that invite everyone to get involved and create the family life worth living!

Price: $18.95
for workbook only

Price: $35.95
for book + workbook (save $4)

Price: $7.95
digital ePub book for use with eReaders If you don’t have a physical eBook reader, you can download Adobe Digital Editions to read the ePub book on you computer


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