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9 Ways to Bring Out the Best in You & Your Child – ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY MISBEHAVE! immediate digital download (quick reference pdf and mp3 files)

At last – Effective Discipline Strategies for Conscious Parenting!

Is your child sometimes a challenge? Discover how these challenging times could be the best times to create learning opportunities. You don’t need to be that parent who feels helpless, frustrated, guilty or embarrassed. You can be that relaxed and happy parent.

Especially When They Misbehave! was created to help parents, just like you, deal with kids, just like yours.

“This wonderful little resource is full of practical suggestions for creating healthy and loving relationships with children. The CD engages, entertains and teaches with humourous real-life stories and the illustrated guidebook provides a quick-to-hand and easy-to-understand backup.” Jane Nelsen, author and co-author of the Positive Discipline Series www.positivediscipline.com


Price: $25.00 immediate digital download


We’ve all been there: You’re running late or you’re tired and you just want to get things done. Then the screaming starts. Kids fight, don’t listen, and all your plans and your patience go down the drain. It’s times like these when every parent wonders why they had kids in the first place!

Learn how to stop stressful and challenging behaviours like fighting, screaming, kicking, punching and biting.

Imagine a world where your child actually listens to you the first time! Fiction? No, not fiction. With Especially When They Misbehave!, you’ll learn proven strategies guaranteed to get your child to listen the first time, and encourage them to follow through on your request.


Especially When They Misbehave! gives you the tools you need to help your child handle their anger and frustration and to increase their confidence – and yours!

The quick reference guide helps you get the picture fast and know how to respond to challenging behaviour, and the entertaining stories show you how to put into action in your home the strategies that have helped so many readers of the original book, 9 Ways to Bring Out the Best in You and Your Child.

Our children are tomorrow’s leaders and they need to learn self-discipline, empowerment and teamwork.

“Working closely with parents and children I have had a front row seat to the daily challenges parents face. Being a parent to a strong-minded boy I have also faced those same challenges. I’m now reading through your book and implementing the tools as I read along. My relationship with my son has totally changed. I feel so empowered and this has done wonders for my self-esteem.

It’s funny. I have worked in the Early Learning field for 13 years. I worked with children who were very aggressive, self-abusive, withdrawn and so on. I could always find the patience and the answers to help them. My son, well there were so many times I was stunned! Your book also helped me to realize a lot about myself. My emotions fuels my sons’ emotions and vice versa. The thing is we are so connected with our own children. After having my son, I began to live more consciously.” Bobby Weir


When you start early and set a fun environment in your home and gain your children’s cooperation, the teen years can be a breeze:

“Maggie, we are SO enjoying life with our teenagers – we’re having a great time – and that is largely because of what I learned from you when they were young and you were our CBC parenting guru!” Marion Barschel, Host CBC Radio Daybreak

Especially When They Misbehave! is filled with the kinds of stories, ideas and strategies for raising young children that helped Marion and thousands of other parents enjoy the teen years! Save yourself the struggles most parents have with their teenagers and set the tone now for healthy and happy lifelong relationships with your children.

You love your child, but sometimes….

Turn those ‘sometimes’ into happy and relaxing times. Learn how to handle your own frustration and stress without yelling.

Turn your family into a team that works together. Impossible? No – not impossible, highly possible and completely probable. You can easily turn bedtime into a loving and happy time for you and your family.

“The information that Maggie shares through her books, CDs, website etc. is changing the world. Our family life has forever changed since reading her books and listening to her CDs! Today our family dynamic is about enhancing our relationships together rather than struggling to control each other.” Lisa Heinen

But you think – “I’m so busy! I don’t have time!”

That’s exactly why Maggie created this resource. It’s perfect for busy parents. This power packed resource gives parents the straight goods. No flipping through encyclopedia type books to find the answers you need. It’s all here at your fingertips.

No time to read? Listen to the soundtrack as you head for work or the shopping mall, or as you tackle your household chores …. and yes, it’s okay if your children overhear the stories. Many kids actually like and learn from them!

The stories contained in this package are real, honest, and packed with tools that are easily understood and adapted.

“…the tantrums have decreased immensely – both in frequency and intensity. My youngest has learned to self-regulate herself, and I have learned to remain calm and loving when she can’t. My oldest has learned ways of coping and feels safe to express herself when needed. I am so grateful for Maggie and the amazing resources she has. I will continue to tell families about her books, classes, CDs and other fabulous resources daily.” Tammy Jacobs

Dynamite comes in small packages and this product is dynamite with the power to transform your family life.

Price: $25.00 immediate digital download

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