9 Ways19 Ways Leadership Program

for Parent Coaches, Mentors, &



 Includes Book,  Audio and Video programs, Participant Workbook, & Leader’s Guidebook

3 Day Seminar available 



The Creative, Professional, & Interactive Program that’s Revolutionizing Parent Education!

  • A fun and exciting way to reach and involve parents in learning
  • Step by Step Leader’s Guide is easily and effectively facilitated by beginning facilitators
  • Provides a meaningful and exciting template for experienced facilitators to follow
  • Flexible: each self-contained educational concept can be facilitated on its own or delivered as part of the course
  • Adaptable: concepts enhance all relationships at home & at work
  • Lively skill-building activities involve participants in learning holistic strategies to create lasting change in family life
  • Deepens understanding of key concepts in parent education
  • Includes complete Leader’s Kit containing practical and effective tools to promote & facilitate parent education


PeopleHere’s what people are saying about the 9 Ways program

  • “Enlightening, powerful, revitalizing! I am so excited about sharing this info with as many parents as possible.”
  • “The ultimate guide to creating and building a rich and meaningful relationship with my children, family, and even my work!  Thank you, Maggie, for your inspirational stories and your “guilt-free” way to parenting!  You have over-delivered on my expectations!”
  • “It has made a huge impact on the way I see myself, deal with my children, and has improved 100% every relationship in my life.”


You’ll gain hands-on experience in developing & sharpening facilitation and coaching skills as we explore how to: 

  • Encourage group openness and stimulate participation
  • Create strong beginnings and memorable endings
  • Handle challenging group situations such as side-talking, resistance, control issues, establishing group flow and still staying on track, handling anger and aggression, and more

Through sharing, laughter and activities we’ll explore the concepts:

  • Teach children respect, resiliency, and self-reliance.
  • Discipline in ways that strengthen the child’s self esteem
  • Gain self control and manage anger and frustration
  • Increase co-operation and reduce sibling rivalry
  • Develop empathy and compassion – deal with unhealthy peer pressure
  • Turn power struggles into powerful relationships
  • Encourage children to problem solve and take responsibility
  • Connect deeply and develop meaningful communication in your home.
  • Transform unwanted communication patterns that you “inherited” from your parents!


KitThe Complete Leader’s Kit Includes:

  • 149 page Leader’s guide
  • The book, 9 Ways to Bring out the Best in You and Your Child
  • Participants’ workbook
  • CD containing an inspirational story and relaxation exercises
  • Two training DVD’s demonstrating the delivery of fundamental course concepts.
  • Promotional ideas and letters, certificates, posters, evaluation forms, bookmarks, etc.
  • Props for adding humour & life to classes 


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