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The seminar outlines you see below can be presented to large group audiences, or to smaller groups.  Bring Maggie to your community, or gather a group together for a special in-home presentation. Please contact  

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“The hallmark of your professionalism is your flexibility in working with a broad cross-section of adults and children in groups and your ability to accommodate individual needs within that context.  Maggie, your presentation and facilitation skills are superior.”  Lynn Malinsky, Coordinator Healthy Children Initiatives


Life, Laughter and Learning in the Family

“Hey kids, are we having fun yet?” How can we teach our children the important life lessons they need to know and still create a home filled with laughter and joy? Maggie uses storytelling and humor to show you how to build powerful positive relationships that encourage responsibility, respect and resilience in your child. Practical insights and sound tools show you how to turn power struggles into powerful, positive relationships, and to stay calm in the midst of family turbulence. Join us for this inspiring and entertaining presentation. Explore how to bring out the best in your children and live the life worth living ~ right now!


Calm and Centered in the Midst of Chaos

Are you too stressed to truly enjoy your family?  Stress is not only the underlying cause of disease in our society; it is the major cause of unrest and acting out behavior in families today. This seminar will give you quick and easy tools to relieve stress and will help you to realign your values and priorities with your day to day actions in your famiy.  You’ll discover how to connect and interact with your children in ways that bring you the respect, cooperation, and appreciation that you truly seek.  You’ll leave this interactive and entertaining seminar with renewed hope and enthusiasm as well as with pracitical ideas and solutions that will help you restore balance and create the family life that really matters to you!

Maggie has a way in finding humor in the most challenging, frustrating of parenting situations.  Her practical and easy to implement strategies make it easy for parents to incorporate small changes in their parenting which will yield huge results.  She is also validating to parents of the wonderful things they are already doing…Her flexibility, positive attitude and perception of where the group was at made her adaptable to make any changes “on the fly”.  She was “in the moment” all day and it was obvious that her presentation was meaningful.  Anita Fagnan, Seeds to Sunshine Parent Conference, Westlock AB


Painting by Maggie Reigh

Communicating and Connecting with Your Children

Developing Meaningful Patterns that Will lLst a Lifetime

Have you ever wondered how to develop meaningful communication patterns and habits that will ensure your child doesn’t “lose your telephone number” in your old age? Communication is the connecting fiber in your relationship with your child.  Be prepared for fun and laughter as you discover how your own communication style is either helping or hindering your relationship with your child.  We’ll practice how to communicate our own needs without creating resistance in our family and discover how to remove common roadblocks that keep us from connecting with our children.  Discover the secret to helping your child feel loved, understood and important in your relationship and set the stage for a lifetime of meaningful communication and connection with your children.


Turning on the Light

Turning on the Light…is about discovering the special gifts, talents and abilities within each and every child we live and work with. Parents, teachers and childcare providers are the treasure hunters for our country’s most valuable resources: our children. Discover the seven significant factors that determine success and learn how you can use them to help your children succeed. Realizing and using one’s full potential has never been more important than it is in today’s world. Teaching children self-discipline, self-motivation and self-awareness are cornerstones to creating harmonious, nurturing environments. As we strive to bring out the best in children, we find that not only do we…Turn on the Light… within our children, but our own light burns brighter as well.


Win-Win for Families – How to Stop Struggling and Start Living

Do you find yourself caught up in power struggles with the people you love the most?  Do you ever wish that you could discipline without creating resentment, rebellion, or revenge?  Would you like to know the secret to developing a happy healthy environment where everyone wins and works together?  In this interactive and thought provoking session, Maggie addresses each of these issues and more, and shows you how to make family living joyful and fulfilling.


The Windermere Valley Early Childhood Development Team was thrilled when Maggie Reigh agreed to come to our rural community to present her parenting workshop.  Since the workshop, participants have seen each other throughout town and their chance meetings have turned into mini refresher courses.  Maggie’s words of wisdom have become conversations on the playground, at the grocery store, and anywhere else that participants find themselves together.  Thank-you, Maggie, for providing our community with this legacy. Nicole Pawlak, WV ECD Team Coordinator


Nicole Pawlak, WV ECD Team Coordinator


Okay Kids – That’s Enough! Cooling the Fires of Sibling Rivalry

Are you tired of the constant squabbling of your children?  Do you sometimes feel the need to protect one child from the other?  Do you find yourself striving to “fix” things between your children?  Sibling relationships will have nearly as much impact on each child’s health and well being as the parent-child relationship, and sometimes more.  If you’d like some time proven ideas to bring peace to your home and encourage good will between your children, this is the seminar for you.  We promise lots of fun and activity as we take a heart felt, hands on approach to uncovering the roots of sibling rivalry and setting you well on the path to harmony in your home.


The Way of Parenting with Spirit

How do we really raise children as Spiritual Beings with human moments, rather than human beings with spiritual moments?  Be prepared to get involved and have some fun as we explore the practical implications and applications of Parenting with Spirit. True encouragement, effective communication and real discipline come from Spirit.  Maggie gives life to this philosophy through storytelling, anecdotes and interactive learning experiences. Discover how you can deepen your relationship with your children making positive and effective changes with easy to use, common sense tools that you can use immediately. Bring your Presence (not your presents!) and your laughter, and you’ll leave refreshed and rejuvenated, with your light shining more brightly than ever!


Connecting and Strengthening the Bond with Your Teen

How do we strengthen connections with our teenagers and guide them through this exciting and yet often turbulent time of life?  Maggie uses humor and stories to show parents how to claim their power during this crucial time and encourage their teen to use her power to develop the skills and attitudes that lead to success in life.  Time proven strategies show you how to turn power struggles into powerful relationships and discipline in ways that promote self-discipline and create harmony in your home.  Discover tools that will help you deal with even the difficult behaviors of lying, stealing and sneaking around.  Parents are still the number one influence in their teen’s life.  Don’t miss this opportunity to explore how to nurture and strengthen a healthy, strong relationship with your teen – NOW!


I discovered the magic of Maggie Reigh and the ‘9 Ways to Bring out the Best in you and Your Child’ program while attending a Parent Link Conference a number of years ago  I immediately purchased the program and supporting materials and, with Maggie’s help, started introducing the material to our families.  This program caught on and soon participants were telling their friends about it, agencies heard about it and referrals to the program began flooding in. Toady we have 10 facilitators trained in the Grande Prairie area and many are presenting the program in a variety of forms with their clients and other associates. The 9 Ways program has been very successful in Grande Prairie. We continue to get very positive feedback from the presentations that we do 5-6 times per year and still we have a three page waiting list as I write this! We receive referrals from a variety of areas that indicate to us that the program will continue to be in high demand for some time to come. Tanice Jones, Parent Link Center, Grande Prairie, AB


9 Ways to Bring Out the Best in You and Your Child

Yes! It really is possible to raise children full of life and spirit and maintain your sanity at the same time! Do you find yourself struggling for control over your children when what you really want to do is empower them and yourself?  Are you looking for new ways to inspire and motivate your children to achieve their full potential and stand strong in the face of peer pressure? Do you want to add more humor, sparkle and shine to your home life? This seminar presentation will show you how to turn power struggles into powerful relationships, encourage responsibility and cooperation in your children, build solid and influential relationships with them, and make your home a more inviting and fun place to be – for everyone.


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