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Temper Tantrum Solution Kit – immediate digital download (pdf, flash and mp3 files)

Do you feel frustrated, stressed, helpless, embarrassed, angry and/or overwhelmed by your child’s behaviour?

For the first 100 downloads, you'll receive the Wee Bree hard-copy story book for free!

You are not alone! Tantrums and aggressive behaviour hurts everyone in the family.

Finally! Here is a proven way for you to save your sanity and get the results you need. Let’s face it – kids know how to push your buttons and kids who lose their temper usually push until you lose your temper too.

Maybe your child is having a total melt down right now – or perhaps you’ve just been through one and are feeling exhausted and weary.

The Taking the Terror out of Temper Tantrums kit offers you practical tools, ideas and solutions to help your entire family. Not only will you discover how to reduce the frequency and intensity of temper tantrums, the whole family will learn to cope with the tantrums. You will love the way parents and kids learn together!

  • Read the children’s story, Wee Bree and the Grand Shopping Spree, and discover how Bree coaches her mom to calm down when Mom loses it!
  • Encourage children to sing and dance to the Wee Bree song and wiggle out frustrations.
  • Enjoy simple activities and games that help everyone learn to handle emotions and live together more peacefully and cooperatively.
  • Listen to the special section for parents and discover helpful hints and insights for creating a happy family life.

Price: $55.95
immediate digital download *Free book shipped to you for each kit purchased… while quantities last!

Taking the Terror Out of Temper Tantrums Family Activity Kit helps parents turn highly stressful and chaotic home situations driven by temper tantrums into a healthy environment where everyone can learn and grow harmoniously together.

“The day my second daughter was born I found out what a ‘difficult child’ was all about. I admit I quickly helped create the little ‘monster’, by caving to her every demand to try to keep the peace in our house. When she was two, life in our home was spiraling out of control. The tantrums were happening 10 – 15 times per day and they were outrageous. I had never seen a child scream, flail, kick, hit, and literally climb a wall like she did. Her tantrums were lasting up to and sometimes longer than an hour. I tried everything I could think of:  I locked her in her room, I yelled, I threatened, I bribed. I even spanked her little bottom once! I cried then too! The more I reacted, the worse the behaviour got. Then I found Maggie’s Temper Tantrum Kit! I went home armed with new tricks and just waited for the next tantrum. Later that evening my ‘difficult child’ became angry, frustrated and completely out of control. I calmly followed Maggie’s suggestions from her Temper Tantrum Kit and within 10 minutes, she stopped the tantrum, came over to me, sat on my lap and hugged me. I hugged her back and breathed a sigh of relief. I was truly shocked!

My oldest daughter was anxious due to the chaos and high-stress in our home. I read Wee Bree (& the Grand Shopping Spree) to her and allowed her to talk about how her sister’s behaviour was affecting her. I was relieved when she opened up and clearly expressed just that. We had a great conversation and were able to brainstorm ways for her to cope.

Life in our home these days is not perfect, but the tantrums have decreased immensely – both in frequency and intensity. My youngest has learned to self-regulate herself, and I have learned to remain calm and loving when she can’t. My oldest has learned ways of coping and feels safe to express herself when needed. I am so grateful for Maggie and the amazing resources she has. I will continue to tell families about her books, classes, CD’s and other fabulous resources daily.” ~ Tammy Jacobs, GP, AB


The Taking the Terror Out of Temper Tantrums Story Activity Kit contains:

  • An amusing and delightful children’s book to enjoy & experience with your child.
  • An automated flash storybook with musical accompaniment that allows
  •  your child to listen to the story, turn the pages, and enjoy the music right at the computer.
  • A Wee Bree colouring book.
  • A children’s song designed to help your child dance out frustrations before they turn into tantrums.
  • An interview for parents with practical suggestions and entertaining stories that show you how to handle difficult situations and emotions.
  • Activities and tools to encourage parents and children to connect and explore emotions together thereby preventing many emotional outbursts.

This entire kit can be downloaded to your computer. And for the first 100 downloads, you’ll receive the Wee Bree hard-copy story book for free! Children 2 through 7 will love the story and activities, and older children may love to listen and learn as you read to the younger ones!


Price: $55.95
immediate digital download *Free book shipped to you for each kit purchased… while quantities last!


As an added bonus to you, when you take action today we will send you Maggie Reigh’s 17 minute audio download, Relaxation Journey (a value of $18.95 plus peace of mind!), to help you teach your children to relax and ease their way into sweet slumber – and give you an opportunity to relax too!

Stress not only drives children’s acting out behavior, it is the main factor behind the most debilitating and fatal diseases. Give your children a gift to last a lifetime and teach them how to reduce harmful stress by listening to this enjoyable relaxation journey today. At 17 years old, Maggie’s son told her, “It’s a good thing we used to do that relaxation exercise when I was younger, Mom… I don’t know how I’d make it through physics without it.

But does it work? Maggie has put together proven methods to help you find peace at the end of the tunnel.

“Maggie, thank you for the “gift” you have given me. I have two toddlers with very different temperaments and have found your tools in Taking The Terror Out of Temper Tantrums package incredibly helpful.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the moment that I often forget to “be” in the moment. My 4 year old daughter loved the light-hearted story and song, and I have listened to your interview with Phil Johnson over and over again. I seem to find an incredibly powerful message and appreciate the wisdom each time I listen to it. I have found that I have been able to easily apply the concepts to the loving and frustrating moments with my two precious angels. Thank you for continuing to inspire me… and empower me.” Jane Campardo

You can learn how to handle temper tantrums with grace and dignity. Taking the Terror Out of Temper Tantrums Story Activity Kit will help you and your child make it through the tough times and come out shining!

It is your choice. How you choose to handle temper tantrums can make the tantrum worse and have long term effects on the entire family OR temper tantrums can become learning opportunities for parents and children.

The greatest investment you can make is in your children… you and your children will be so appreciative for the rest of your years!

Take a few moments to listen to this INTERVIEW SAMPLE of the lively and entertaining discussion with Maggie Reigh and Phil Johnson. It gives you the information and tools you need to confidently manage your child’s next temper tantrum and gain self control. This interview gives you more than forty five minutes of sound ideas and practical tools to:

  • Calm intense emotions in the heat of the moment
  • Prevent temper tantrums from happening
  • Turn power struggles into powerful relationships
  • Stop taking your child’s temper tantrums personally
  • Help children develop self discipline that will last a life time
  • Create a peaceful, harmonious family life
  • Help you and your spouse come together in creating what you truly want
  • Deal effectively with other people’s judgments and “advice.”


“Maggie Reigh, a qualified and experienced educator has produced resources to assist parents in their challenging role of providing support, encouragement and guidance for children to develop their full potential. I have seen the results of Maggie’s work. Mothers and fathers become more knowledgeable, more confident – more successful parents.

Maggie’s family activity package, Taking the Terror out of Temper Tantrums, provides parents of young children with ideas on how to best support and guide children through challenging behaviors. The educational package provides parents with straight- forward information on how to connect with children as they experience temper tantrums.

I highly recommend this educational resource for parents and all other people who are influencing the lives of young children.” Lynn Malinsky RN, BSN, BEd, MPH – Professor, Faculty of Health and Social Development, UBC-Okanagan


Price: $55.95
immediate digital download *Free book shipped to you for each kit purchased… while quantities last!

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