Lifestream Soulutions REST Therapy 

Feeling tense… stressed… worried or anxious?  Are your relationships in turmoil? Sleep interrupted?  Body complaining?

There’s a reason for that… and you’ve probably spent as much time trying to figure it out as you have suffering the effects.  It’s not your fault if you can’t figure it out!  Because it’s the Conscious Mind doing the figuring while the Subconscious Mind is holding the worry, tension and anxiety and recreating those situations that keep triggering the stress.

At Lifestream Soulutions we work with a proven system to

              Rapidly Release


                                   Stress &


                           For the REST of your Life!

Our system uproots and dissolves unhealthy subconscious patterns and beliefs that are holding you back while engaging and reinforcing your Innate Strength and Power to deal with whatever arises.

This is True Confidence!  Knowing you can and will deal with whatever arises transforms the way you live and make a living, dissolves anxiety and strengthens relationships.

Confidence and peace replace worry and anxiety. Ease and flow replace tension and dis-ease. And now your body can heal too!

Not only does your body reap the benefits, it plays a huge role in healing on all other levels. In fact, working directly with the body to release subconscious patterns is one reason healing is so rapid and tangible.

Perhaps this little analogy will help to explain:  Let’s compare your physical body to planet Earth.  Your emotions are the charges that hold the revolving satellites in place. The satellites are your thoughts.  Perhaps you’ve heard the best way to change your life is to change your thoughts. Well, that is true… however it’s not that easy to change your thoughts without changing the emotional charge of the planet that is magnetizing them.

Most counselling and self-help processes focus on helping you change your thoughts and figure out your situation.  This can have some success as long as you are vigilant and persistent in watching your thoughts… which can be exhausting.  Once you fall asleep or slip into day-dream state the old thoughts are back.  And as long as the emotional reactors are still there situations trigger you and you fall  right back into the troublesome patterns. It’s frustrating and you may wonder if there is any hope of getting out.

Our Lifestream Soulutions System uses REST Therapy to help you release the emotional and energetic charge that is held in the body so that the body automatically relaxes and the thoughts change naturally.  As you shift your energy and attract new thoughts you experience a whole new world unfolding.

REST Therapy  takes you right to the root of the pattern holding the triggering emotions.  Once you as an adult see how easy it can be to release the emotional charge from your body, in a safe and guided experience you can travel back in time to help your younger self to deal with the initial situation that triggered that response.  The younger you learns to release the emotional charge safely and respond in an empowering way.  You unplug from the triggers that set off your anxiety and can now access your innate power in all situations. Instead of experiencing life as a victim you learn to see that everything is happening to strengthen your innate knowing and trust in the Creator within.

When you release old hurts, fears, resentments, anger, and feelings of powerlessness and unworthiness you will discover how Forgiveness truly sets you Free! Blaming others in any shape or form is akin to setting yourself on fire and hoping the other dies of smoke inhalation! Forgiveness comes easily and naturally with the LIfestream Soulutions REST Therapy System.

REST Therapy works because it takes you right into the Subconscious Mind to release old habits and stressful, reactive patterns that no longer serve you. It provides you with tools  and techniques that  work quickly and effectively – and that you can continue to use daily to reduce your stress, dissolve and release uncomfortable emotions as they arise.

Lifestream Soulutions REST Therapy is a culmination of the most effective hypnotherapy techniques (hypnotherapy is very different from the image most people associate with entertaining hypnotists. See below testimonials for more information on hypnotherapy) coupled with easy and effective emotional release tools such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), breathing practices, acupressure, and energy exercises.  It is a hybrid of methodologies combined to create lasting, profound change in anyone who desires to feel, think and act differently.

Wondering if this is the answer for you?

We know it is difficult to know where to turn when you really want help and support with your deepest issues…”Will this really help? …Can I trust this person? …Is it really going to make a difference?” Let’s talk and find out! 

At Lifestream Soulutions we offer a Free Emotional Empowerment one hour session that will help us both know if this is the best fit for you. We have a very high success rate in helping people to experience lasting peace, joy, and love in life. We want to keep it that way! If we’re not a fit we will do our best to refer you elsewhere.

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In Only 6 Sessions I have Healed and Awakened More than in Years of Expensive Techniques, Teachings, and  Counselling…

“I recently added up that I have spent hundreds of hours and over $150,000 on courses, techniques, teachings, and counselling. The sessions with Maggie have been the most helpful, empowering, and insightful of all of the previous practices combined.  Maggie guided me to access my higher self and it was through those messages where the deepest insights and healing occurred. In six sessions I have healed more and awakened more than in years of using all the other stuff. Maggie Reigh’s REST Therapy gets right to the source of the healing – our emotions. By healing myself through this process I finally understand my true power.”  Geoff Hoffman, Kelowna BC

Helped me to find MY tools …to stay in a place of peace and harmony no matter what …

“I was extremely fortunate to have Maggie so timely placed on my path.  I was searching for practical tools to help me with some of the struggles that life had thrown my way.  Along with working through “hiccups and kinks” that I thought I had long dealt with, Maggie helped me to find MY tools that I could use to stay in a place of harmony no matter what or who was in my life.  She was extremely insightful and helped me to see MY power and MY bright light inside through counsel and very powerful guided meditations.  I will continue to do tune-ups with Maggie.” Colleen Seidel, West Kelowna, BC

 Your emotions will no longer overwhelm you and you will find your true center of power within yourself.  You will  Stress Less & Live More… more joyfully, more powerfully, more harmoniously!

REST Therapy  helps you release grief and trauma from a long time ago… grief and trauma that you may not even remember or realize is generating anxiety and fear!    Here’s what another  delighted woman wrote after only one session:  

Sadness from Traumas Released and Replaced by Joy:

“A most incredible experience!  Much more than I expected… Contact with my higher Self answered preconceived questions and some I hadn’t thought to ask.  Sadness from traumas of years previous left my body and was replaced by joy! I sincerely recommend Maggie’s work whether you think you need it or not.  You have all the answers and Maggie will help you find them.”  April, Kelowna            

From Stuck, not knowing why… to living each day in LOVE A sincere thank you for your magical sessions! …I came in stuck – not knowing why… wanting to truly understand what was holding me back in my personal relationships and my business relationships. Your welcoming space and ways immediately helped me to draw out anger which I just wasn’t addressing or aware I was carrying around for years, yes years.    I have now been able to become clear on my intentions, devise a plan to move forward in my business and personal life. My relationship with my husband has improved 100% and that is priceless. The tools you have provided me with … have offered a clear path to personal freedom; allowing me to reach new heights in love, family, and impact. I am truly looking forward to day each day… A magic happens when you can accept yourself, forgive yourself and live each day in LOVE!  I have begun to create my waterfall of love in my life and each day is brighter and simply magical.Thank you for your beauty and talent, your gift and your guidance. Sincerely, Heather Ruth  Independent Distributor

Financial Stress getting you down? I have known and worked with Maggie for years. She is a light in this world. She was able to help me remove energetic blacks that I didn’t know I had. The outcomes from working with her have resulted in at least $30,000 in my business. I highly recommend working with her. Julie Hoffman, The Street Smart Diva Real Estate Investment Coach

From “Why me?” to “I’ve got the Power!” I have gone from “Why me?” to “I’ve got the power!” I have laid all of my issues to rest. I’m not putting blame on anyone anymore and especially not on myself. That’s huge for me because I always blamed myself and suffered through guilt. Now I feel such an inner peace and it’s changing all relationships in my life. I don’t feel like a doormat anymore, or controlled by anyone. I don’t allow myself to be manipulated or coerced… and I no longer feel guilty because I follow my own heart. I can now say “no” with firmness and certainty, without getting caught up in the anger and drama. I no longer internalize things and my stomach problems have disappeared! Nothing can phase me anymore and no one can bait me into a fight. People now acknowledge me when I go somewhere. I stand up for myself and I now get a different kind of respect from people. My mom and dad and family and friends all tell me they see a confidence in me they’ve never seen before. I’m finally doing things for me – I’ve booked myself a vacation – I’ve never had the courage to do that before. Maggie, I can’t begin to thank you enough… the work we’ve done together has given me back my life! Debbie Klimosko

From Feeling Heavy, Impenetrable, Afraid to Feel…to Clarity, Lightness and Forgiveness

“I began working with Maggie to release years of emotions I had kept inside.  If I had to describe myself at the time our sessions began, I would have to say I was a human anvil.  I felt heavy, impenetrable and unable to move.  I did not want to feel —  I was afraid to feel and I did not trust anyone to share my emotions with.

I had tried many different healing modalities before this and had the belief that this would be the same.   I was always able to escape to ‘some place’ so far away that at the end of the clearing, counselling, coaching, belief re-patterning, deep healing, there was little to no change in how I was feeling.

My first session was an awakening.  Even over the phone, Maggie’s presence and voice put me at ease.  The space she created and held for me was one filled with compassion, empathy and love.  Even more I felt safe and there was no judgment. She amazingly just knew when I was escaping to ‘that place’ and was able to quickly and gently bring me back.   Maggie has guided me through releasing heavy emotions that have deeply impacted my physical, emotional and spiritual health.  She has also given me the tools to feel and heal on my own.

In the past nine months, I have let go of many heavy layers with Maggie’s help.   Life has shifted for me.  At first it was gradual but the more I work with Maggie, the more significant the change.  I have a peace within me that I have never had before.  As a result of the new Light-ness of my body and having the ability to BE in the moment, I enjoy true clarity.  I’m no longer weighed down by all that I was carrying with me.  I look forward to my sessions with Maggie and I find it easier to let go each time we connect.  She has shown me how to forgive myself and others.  Letting go and forgiving truly sets you free.   With Infinite Love and Gratitude, Bobby Weir” Grande Prairie Alberta

A Miraculous New Beginning for Mother-Daughter Relationship

“Since my daughter was a toddler, we have had an unexplainably aggravating, turbulent relationship. Two days after her beautiful wedding, with absolute hate in her voice, she told me, “I love you Mom, but I have so much anger and resentment towards you.  We need to go to counselling!”   I agreed, but set up sessions with Maggie,for myself, first.

My daughter and I have always had an unexplainable, extremely difficult relationship.  Friction and animosity prevailed, no matter what we did.  After working with Maggie, I truly feel stronger and more positive about life.  More importantly, I felt hope for my relationship with my daughter.

Within a week of my second session with Maggie, my daughter phoned me! We chattered on and then she stopped and said, “Mom, I can let you in, now.  I couldn’t before, but I can now.” Then she whispered, “I’m sorry it took so long.”

Thank you, Maggie, for all your help and guidance. My daughter and I are doing so well, with no need to go to counselling.Weekends and everyday are wonderful.  I have my daughter sharing a mutual love now!  Maggie, you have truly helped me to change the dynamics in my whole family by helping me heal my realationship with her.    Personally, I have never felt as calm inside as I do now.  I am so complete and ready to keep moving with Spirit. The dark clouds have finally separated and the light is shining through!

Maggie you taught me how to forgive myself and how to independently release daily emotions that negatively affect me.  More (most) importantly, I’ve learned how to positively use the power of love.”  Chris Funk, Lake Country BC

Improve Confidence and Increase Business:

“The sessions were very powerful. Charging people for my services and collecting money is no longer an issue. What stands out most is letting go of that big black mud ball that I was carrying on my shoulders. I felt so much lighter after that and was able to to move forward without feeling dragged down mostly by guilt. Now I am working with a much stronger take charge attitude, which is what I need in order to manage this company.” Ruby McPhate, Lake Country BC


Breakthrough Perfectionist Issues, Stay Focused and Get Work Done with Ease:

“I had trouble with perfectionism and getting to work and staying focused. During our session we worked on motivation. It was a fantastic session and after our session I was able to stay focused and really work through all those issues of perfectionism and get fabulous work done that I’ve really never been able to do before – at least not with that ease and  feeling of competence.  The session far exceeded my expectations. Thank you Maggie! ” Catherine McGowan, Kelowna BC

Recovering from Marriage Breakup and Evolving Into the Person Who Had Been Hiding Inside

I am writing to let you know of my immense gratitude for the clarity you have helped me to achieve over the last few months…with your help I have been able to uncover issues and resolve grief I thought was long buried that had  come roaring back with a vengeance, probably spurred on by the new traumatic event of the breakup of my marriage… I have been able to bring those feelings and issues right up to the surface, feel them, heal them, and let them go.  I never knew how much those old feelings affected me, and I never could have imagined how much better and more free I now feel.  The best part is, that you have given me tools to help with new feelings as they come up. I look forward to working with you to continue my evolution into the person I was always meant to be and who had been hiding somewhere inside.  Linda K

A Whole New Journey and Outlook on My Beautiful Life!

“My journey with Maggie has truly been another grand step in my journey, called “life”.  Maggie was recommended to me, as I was dealing with some very real phobia’s in my life (claustrophobia, anxiety).  What I didn’t realize was the impact Maggie  would make on my life deeper, and further than my issue with claustrophobia.

Maggie taught me how to tap (literally) into my deepest emotions and how to let go of my deepest fears.  She taught me that everything is emotion based and all of my anxiety’s were are coming from FEAR!!!  After my sessions with Maggie, I was emotionally and physically spent, and yet was filled with the most peace inside, that I had ever felt in years. 

I took all that Maggie taught me, shared with me and experienced with me, and have begun a whole new journey and outlook on my beautiful amazing life. My peaceful amazing life. Thanks so much Maggie…………Everyone deserves the pleasure of spending some time with this amazing woman. ” Dawne Vollhoffer, Kelowna

No More Fear of Flying… Changed My Life

I want to thank you so much for everything that you have done for me.  You have changed my life in such a positive way. Now I am so excited to fly to Flordia! I will be calm. I have so much weight taken off my back.  I feel great.  I have not felt this good in a long time.  I have energy, clarity and a peace of mind. I can’t thank you enough.  You have helped me make all of this possible.  I have to thank you again!!! Jodie Bell, Weyburn Sask

A Peace I have Never Felt Before

Maggie, words cannot express what you did for me yesterday! …….I feel so much better today, like a weight has been lifted. I didn’t know what to expect from our session and I just can’t get over what you have done for me..and it continued!  As I drove home I played an old CD I had stuck in the other day and songs played that talked to me!  It was the oddest experience and felt like a continuation of what I had experienced with you.  All extremely positive and I cried all the way home with “happy tears”!!   (weeks later: “I continue to experience a peace I have never felt before.) Judy M

Phobia Disappears after One Session

“Maggie is a dedicated healer, passionate about assisting her clients reach their highest potential. She puts her heart and soul in her work and her results show that commitment, Maggie cured my phobia of snakes in one hypnotherapy session!” Linda Renaud, Kelowna BC

Comforting Sense of What Is to Come in the Future

“The hypnotherapy session put me in the most relaxing state I have ever consciously been in; I felt like I was part of the chair I was laying in and beyond that, part of the earth. With the many preconceptions and stereotypes that hypnosis means ‘not being aware of what is going on’, I was really surprised that the opposite was true. I was extra alert and conscious of all things around me in a deep  sense of awareness that even went beyond ‘normal’ (non-hypnotic) consciousness in everyday life.
Beyond the relaxing state, from which I ‘woke up’ very refreshed, the suggestions given to me during the session have provided me with a comforting sense of what is to come in the future. I know everything will work out the way I visualize and is intended to end up.” Maggie O

The Future is Mine “Now”

“I am in awe at what happened especially the next day when I woke up and was feeling an even more profound effect of the freedom due to the release. (and after another session…) I am in total amazement again having had another jump in a clearing head, I am so relaxed and in so much more control of myself, the power is back in my hands and the stress is almost non-existent now.   I think I can safely say “The future is Mine” now.” Greig Marshall

Helped Both My Daughters Beyond Belief…

“Dear Maggie, You are truly one of today’s miracle workers!  Your gift has helped both my daughters beyond belief. We had tried so many different forms of therapy from psychiatrists to youth counsellors, coupled with anti-anxiety medications to ADHD medications – none of which had a positive influence; in fact just the opposite results were shown which made matters even worse.     

With your help, my oldest daughter can now deal with her emotions that have finally been released and are pouring out.  You have shown her how to manage and “let-go” of her anxiety and low self-esteem issues – all in a “drug-free” and loving environment.  My younger daughter found the answers she was looking for after only one session with you!  You truly have a gift Maggie, and I thank you for sharing it with us.  I hope more and more people can come to know you and find healing through you.  With love and gratitude,   Beverly”

 Lost 50 Pounds and on the Way to Health:

“I have struggled with chronic health issues that kept me from living the lifestyle that I wanted.  I have been to all kinds of specialists to try to resolve my health challenges. I always suspected that there was some deep, hidden block in my psyche that kept me from achieving the health that I so desired – consciously.  So when I understood that finding and removing these blocks was the goal of hypnotherapy, I jumped at the opportunity to work with Maggie and hoped to finally get to the root of the issue and remove it.  And we did!  Since then the solutions to better health and easy weight loss have unfolded easily and rapidly in my life.  In the past four months my life has turned around and I have lost over 50 pounds– thank you so much, Maggie for helping me to get started down the path to health and freedom.” W.S.

Pain relief – instant and dramatic:

“Maggie, I can’t thank you enough for the powerful healing sessions that relieved me of long-lasting, deep, excruciating back pain.  I was worn-down, worn-out, exhausted and desperate.  Within 2 sessions I was feeling radically better.  I am forever grateful!!! ” M. LePage, Vancouver

No Longer on Medication for Irritable Bowel Syndrome & No More Travel Anxiety:

“I am doing really well,  In great part,  Thanks to you!  Stopped my medication in April and am not feeling like I need it anymore!  Your “experience it and let it go” is something I use frequently!!  Steve”  (this note was received two months after 6 sessions were completed)

Transform Emotional Anguish into Peace and Bliss:

“I want to thank you for the wonderful hypnotherapy session.  I came into the session dealing with grief and feeling a lot of sadness and pain.  During the session you helped me to express and release this sadness and pain.  Your guidance then took me to a place of calm and peace which  created a wondrous feeling of bliss.  This sensation of bliss stayed with me for several days and was a very welcome relief from the intensity of pain that I had been experiencing.  This healing session has helped me enormously and I enthusiastically recommend your services! With gratitude and blessings to you,”  Barb Reid

Awaken Your Soul’s Gifts and Explore Past Lifetimes:

“Dear Maggie, I want to thank you again for your very wonderful and effective treatments; even now they are still influencing my life for good and I return to them often. The beautiful still space you had me go to for activating my healing ability with a waterfall of special  water is still my meditation space. There are many guides and a magical white unicorn who sometimes comes with her little foal………a peaceful place to escape to where no stress ever exists! And the regression was quite something! I asked for a previous life with Michael (because I knew we had been together before) and you took me back to a marvelous, long, happy life as a First Nation woman with Michael as my husband and many children! I can remember crying with joy, the visions were so clear and real.” Annette


REST Therapy reduces stress, lifts moods and improves mindsets, even if you’re skeptical! “After 3 sessions with Maggie, I have no doubts that the common phrase ‘it’s all in your head’ is as true as ever. With her calm subtle voice to lead me I was able to explore parts of my mind I didn’t know were there. I’ll admit that I was skeptical in the beginning, but after my first hour I couldn’t wait to see her again! The third session was on one of the most stressful days I have had in a long time. I had been upset all day, but after a relaxation session with Maggie I was giggling with excitement for what was to come! Thanks for everything Maggie!”  Kristy Selinger

 And now you can add Maggie’s gentle body work to your hypnotherapy session to create…

The Ultimate Stress Relief & Relaxation Experience

Lighten Your Load & Lift Your Spirit

EMBODY the changes you want to experience!

  • Experience the power of hypnotherapy combined with gentle body work that leaves you feeling rested… free… peaceful
  • Open to new & easier ways of being
  • Clear your mind ~ Calm your nerves ~ Lift your spirit

Rest Therapy can help you to sleep soundly and release harmful stress, anxiety & fear.

Is this relaxing body work for you? Here’s what others are saying:

 Relief From Chronic Insomnia and Anxiety:

“During the sessions with Maggie, I was able to reach levels of relaxation that I don’t ever remember experiencing before in my entire life. And now I have the tools to take myself to those levels of relaxation! The insomnia which had been with me for years has gone from chronic to occasional.  Now, if I wake at all, I know how to relax myself back to sleep.  As you can imagine, this has had a welcome impact on my health and general state of well-being. Even though I deal with all of the pressures of owning and operating a business, I no longer experience the level of anxiety that had plagued me for years.  I am more relaxed, and awaken feeling refreshed in the morning.  I am surprised at what a difference only 5 sessions with Maggie has made in my life!  Maggie, I highly recommend your services to others, and will continue to do so.” K.S

Most relaxing experience of my life:

My experience with Maggie Reigh was the most relaxing experience of my life.  Maggie was very professional and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process…  I had never been hypnotized before, so I really appreciated how she made me feel confident in what I was doing.  After only 2 sessions, I can feel a difference in myself.  I feel more confident and more self-respect. I really felt at ease with Maggie and have been singing her praises ever since.  I am confident in recommending Maggie to all my friends and family.  Thanks Maggie! Victoria Severinski

Dance, Laugh, and Be joyful:

“…I felt that I was able to get past my busy and critical mind (small self) and let my true self (spirit) dance and laugh and be joyful. I will recommend your sessions to anyone and everyone. You have a gift, Maggie, and I am blessed to be able to benefit from your empathy and generous spirit. Lots of love and appreciation.” Ellen

Peaceful and Nurtured

“Maggie has to be one of the most nurturing women on the planet! I just love her massage style combined with hypnotherapy. I’ve had lots of bodywork over the years, but I’ve never felt so totally peaceful and taken care of.  Our work together has done me so much good!” P.K. Kelowna

Let us be of service to YOU! 

You don’t have to live in the Okanagan, BC to benefit from these sessions…

Sessions done over the phone can be just as effective as in person! 

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More about Hypnotherapy 

Sometimes people fear hypnotherapy believing that someone will take over their mind and make them say or do things while they are unaware. This is totally FALSE.  While in the hypnotic state you are more aware, even super aware!  Your conscious mind accesses your subconscious and they learn to work together in tandem for your benefit.  That’s why the changes you want are so much easier with hypnotherapy! It’s powerful because it works directly with the Subconscious Mind!                                      The subconscious mind holds the key to the real and lasting change that you want in your life. The subconscious accounts for more than 90% of your mind… trying to change deeply ingrained programming with your conscious mind (rationalizing and simply repeating affirmations) is hard work… and usually NOT very effective. In fact it can be extremely frustrating!

The American Health Magazine compared the recovery rates for various treatments and reported their finding in the August 2006 issue as follows:

  • Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions
  • Behavior therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions
  • Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after 6 sessions

Lifestream Soulution’s REST Therapy often helps people more in very few sessions than years of counselling!  Our aim is to free you from conditioning that no longer serves you and to help you step fully into Being the Creator of your life!

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Maggie Reigh, B.Ed; B.T; CHt

Teacher, speaker and author, Maggie is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist certified by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.  Emotional Well-Being has been the focus of Maggie’s work for more than 35 years.  Her books and programs are packed with practical and effective tools to develop emotional well-being and create healthy, happy relationships.  Maggie has helped thousands of people to break through inner blockages, find their voice and speak their truth with confidence, create new communication and lifestyle patterns, and enjoy harmonious and joyful relationships.