Let Maggie tickle your funny bone & warm your heart with stories that will linger and inspire you to put the light back into your life and live the life worth living! You’ll leave Maggie’s presentations & seminars refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to make positive & effective changes with easy to use, common sense tools that you can use immediately.

Whether you are looking for an inspirational key note presentation or a full-length workshop you will increase your effectiveness and impact with business through topics such as:

  • Become a Master Communicator as you build trust and rapport with others
  • Get stress working FOR you!  Stress doesn’t have to hurt you… it can HELP you… find out how below.
  • Gain employee loyalty; Employee loyalty = customer loyalty!
  • Gain the respect and natural authority that comes with outstanding people management.

“Excellent presentation! Strong message, great humor, very passionate and dramatic.” Financial Consultant, Investor’s Group

Topics below can be adapted to keynotes or workshops and can accommodate audiences of all sizes. Please contact Maggie for custom presentations.

Face to Face Communication – Effective and Powerful!

Successful people attribute 85% of their success to strong and powerful interpersonal skills. In this seminar, you will practice sharpening yours! Come and enjoy yourself in a fun, supportive and highly interactive atmosphere.

  • Discover the 7 Critical Factors that determine personal success and how to put them to work in your life.
  • Explore four basic behavioral styles and how to bridge communication gaps between yourself and others in all areas of your life.
  • Reduce the number of conflicts you have with the people you interact with every day.
  • Build rapport easily and learn how to get your customers and clients to rave about your service.
  • Gain insight into your own personality and character; learn how and when to round off sharp edges and how to best work with you strengths.
  • Build team spirit at work and at home, increase productivity, improve client relations, and gain greater satisfaction in your day.
  • Find out your own personal listening style and how to remove “roadblocks” that may be hampering your ability to communicate effectively.
  • Learn how to read hidden verbal and non-verbal signals in yourself and others.
  • Discover how your body language can help you maintain an optimistic outlook and assure a positive first impression.
  • Find out how to give and receive criticism without becoming defensive or putting other people on the defensive.
  • Discover a time proven formula to help you realize your true power and ability to respond effectively in every situation.

Watch cooperation and communication improve dramatically as you put new understanding of yourself and others to work immediately with the tools and ideas that you’ll learn in this action-packed program.


“Maggie Reigh is learning made fun! Dynamic, riveting, clear & to the point-gets you involved in the interactive process of learning.” Toastmasters, District Conference


Get Stress Working FOR You!

Let’s face it: Stress can take you OUT of the game of life… or have you playing a really miserable game! But stress doesn’t have to hurt you… it can HELP you…if  you know how to transform your stress response into the courage and strength that powers you through challenging situations.Experience the power of laughter in this presentation/workshop and let it melt your stress away as you discover how to:

Painting by Maggie Reigh

  • Avoid the three massive mistakes that most people make that keep them stressed out, unhealthy and unhappy
  • Learn how to release  traumas and dramas of the past and reset your body’s stress response today.
  • Tap into what the Ancients called the “most powerful force in the universe to dissolve inner turmoil and embrace peace and joy
  • Learn quick and easy ways to energize, balance and center yourself and eliminate fatigue and afternoon “fog”.
  • Put your life into perspective and your energy into the things that count!

 You’ll leave this session refreshed, with strategies and tools you can put to work immediately to deal with stressful situations and people with confidence and ease!



“Very interesting and informative – well worth recommending even for senior directors and managers to help you understand others.” M.K., Woolgar Insurance, England

So You’ve Hired Employees… Now, How Do You Keep Them?

It’s not easy managing people in the workplace! Did you know… employees often don’t quit their jobs; they most often quit because of unresolved issues in the workplace!  Research indicates that the cost of hiring and retraining is approximately one and a half  to two times the departing employee’s yearly salary. Effective management is vital to retaining valuable employees.

What if you could create a cooperative, productive and inviting environment with just a few effective and sound tools to train and retain your employees? How would that change your workplace… and the company profits?

This dynamic and interactive seminar will show you how to:

  • Avoid the 3 massive mistakes most managers make that drive employees away.
  • Build team spirit, improve employee relations, and increase productivity.
  • Give and receive guidance and feedback without creating defensiveness
  • Understand personality types and learn how to bring out the best in all of them.
  • Reduce stress levels and resolve internal and external issues more effectively
  • Stand in your own power while empowering others to take initiative and find solutions.

Discover the secrets to gaining employee loyalty and get the respect and influence  needed to engage the cooperation and enthusiasm of your employees!

Great presentation! Inspiring , very helpful and enjoyable … I’m positive that everyone can say they can use these tools to make the Dunes and ourselves better at managing stress and managing staff – both go hand in hand and lead to better, healthier self and home life.” Jocelyn Langlois, The Dunes Golf and Winter Club

Painting by Maggie Reigh



“The hallmark of your professionalism is your flexibility in working with a broad cross-section of adults and children in groups and your ability to accommodate individual needs within that context. Maggie, your presentation and facilitation skills are superior.” Lynn Malinsky, Coordinator Healthy Children Initiatives






Building Trust and Rapport with Your Clients

Have you ever wanted to be more convincing, more dynamic or leave a more memorable impression? Studies reveal that body language accounts for at least 60% of our total communication. Are you making the best of that 60%?

In this highly participatory and fun filled seminar:

  • Discover how to communicate integrity and gain trust with others.
  • Learn how to extend your influence by projecting confidence and poise.
  • Increase awareness of your own body language and learn how to shift away from debilitating mental and emotional states.
  • Explore strategies to reduce conflict and other time wasting power struggles.
  • Connect more easily and effectively with others.
  • Reduce stress and increase productivity as you improve your health and well-being.

This seminar is recommended for business owners and managers, professional sales people, speakers, lawyers, and others who want to communicate with sincerity and impact.


“Your seminar was a great success for us. Without exception the staff reports that they were happy the format was casual and light and that they enjoyed learning in a relaxed informal atmosphere after a whole day of work.” Nature’s Fare, Vernon BC

Team Building for High Productivity

In this highly experiential workshop you will discover ways to work together to create the synergy that will carry your organization to new heights of productivity and customer care.

  • Activities help reveal individual strengths and differences and how they can benefit the entire team.
  • Fun-filled exercises increase each team member’s ability to give and receive feedback, dramatically improving the effectiveness of teaching and learning from each other.
  • Learn how to recognize your own creativity and unique style and how they contribute to group productivity.
  • Explore the reasons why conflict often arises in group projects and how to avoid the damage that conflict can cause.
  • Learn how to stand up for yourself without putting others down, or allowing others to put you down.
  • Discover techniques to deal with those “difficult people” you encounter in life and still maintain optimism and professionalism.
  • Experience the power of uniting group focus to achieve a specified task.

Small and whole group activities provide the opportunities to determine strategies and principles that achieve higher productivity, promote creativity, and streamline efficiency.


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