* The following titles can be easily adapted to workshop or keynote format and can accommodate audiences of all sizes. Please contact Maggie for custom presentations.

“As always, you are truly amazing in the way you are able to pull together workshops which are fun, relevant and incredibly timely…From the feedback, it’s very obvious why we have you back to visit on a regular basis, and will continue to do so.” Jack Holly, Pro-D Chair, Central Okanagan Teacher’s Association

Stopping Bully – Victim Behavior at the Source
Bullies and victims have 2 things in common – neither one of them really understands power, and neither one of them thinks they have enough power. Teaching students to use power wisely in their lives is perhaps the greatest education of all, and the most effective way to reduce aggressive behaviors and classroom conflict. Join Maggie for a new perspective on what teachers can do to empower students and teach them self control and emotional management while simultaneously encouraging cooperation and healthy communication in the classroom. Share insights and enjoy hands-on activities you can take back to your classroom to start your year off with some additional tools to create a more harmonious teaching environment.

“Heart-centered, refreshing, food for the Soul.. it’s all about standing in my own power and encouraging others to stand in theirs. The info is crucial to achieving happiness in the classroom and life in general.” Thea McBride, teacher, School District 23


Learning to Ride Your Inner Dragon

Fear is a stressful force in today’s uncertain times and job market. The fear of ‘what might happen’ can eat up the present moments of our lives and keep us from taking advantage of the opportunities that change brings. Maggie uses humour and storytelling to help you gain the courage and tools to deal with fear, inspiring and empowering you to rise above the anxiety and confusion and create (live) the life worth living! Come and discover for yourself how laughter dissipates fear and puts you back in the driver’s seat.


“Maggie, I saw you work wonders with the kids in my class, and you worked the same magic with the staff today!” Brenda Brierly, Teacher, Peter Greer Elementary School, Winfield BC


Painting by Maggie Reigh

Adding Fun, Pizzazz and Sparkle to Life and Learning

Discover how the speaking secrets of the masters can enrich your classroom presentations and your life! Increase your energy and dynamism as you explore how to bring the real YOU out through your own unique body gestures. Studies reveal that body language accounts for at least 55% of total communication – make your body language work for you to help you connect more easily with others, reduce conflict in relationships, and increase confidence and ease in life. Come prepared to move, to laugh and to have fun!


“It was fun, enthusiasm was encouraged; lots of ideas for practical use…A very worthwhile seminar that encourages and inspires teachers to have fun with their students.” K. H., Teacher, Rutland Senior Secondary Kelowna BC


Keeping PACE and Finding PEACE

In this highly entertaining and inspiring session, Maggie Reigh helps us to experience change in the light of excitement and opportunity. With insight and humour, Maggie introduces a fresh and innovative approach to identify the real saboteurs in our lives so we can free ourselves to live more productively, creatively and peacefully, at work and at home. You will discover practical tools to increase self-awareness, enhance relationships, and optimize your growth potential, redirecting your energy to realize true personal power and empowering others at the same time. Move your life from reaction to creation and live the life you’ve always wanted – NOW!

 “Few facilitators understand the significance of incorporating experiential learning techniques, along with using a variety of mediums and the value of humor as Maggie does. I am confident in whatever “content” she decides to involve herself in the delivery of, it will be done with exceptional quality.” Dan Tellier, President, Okanagan Educational Center



Life Laughter and Learning in the Classroom

Add more laughter, life and learning to every single lesson you teach. Come, discover and experience games and activities you can apply in your classroom immediately. Increase your influence and authority and watch discipline hassles and student conflict melt away as you use these exercises to motivate learning and to improve both student-teacher and student-student relationships. Proactively teaching cooperation and communication builds community in the classroom and makes everyone’s job a whole lot more fun. Students will be more motivated to learn as they take part in activities that build confidence in their interpersonal skills and increase their ability to work independently, freeing up valuable time you can use to teach more effectively and efficiently. Have fun and enjoy the activities, then share and discuss practical ways you can easily adapt and implement them in a wide variety of subjects and grade levels.


“Very practical ideas on how to build ambiance in a classroom that is cooperative and non-threatening for students…a useful lesson in giggleology!” I.L., Teacher, School District 23, Central Okanagan


Creative Movement and Dance for the Classroom

Painting by Maggie Reigh

“Are you looking for ways to release stress for you and your students? Tired of figuring out what to do for the dance curriculum? Do you want to improve your students academic performance? Explore a range of movement that you can use anytime to reduce tension and stress in the classroom, and to help your students integrate body, mind, and emotions – refreshing and preparing them for learning.This dance will invite the child in YOU to come and play – and it’s for everyone: reserved toe-tappers, passionate dancers, and accomplished athletes. Come prepared to move and have fun!

“Initially I was concerned about the students not buying into “the wave” (creative dance concept), but after seeing a roomful of adults step out of their comfort zones and explore from the inside, it eliminated all doubt from my mind. Amazing!” S.O., Teacher, Rutland Senior Secondary, Kelowna BC”

“Fun, adventurous and energizing.  It was a blast!  I felt a connection with myself and my peers. I couldn’t stop smiling. She (Maggie) makes you feel comfortable but also pushes us to push ourself out of our comfort zones. She was a great model.” Sheri Maxwell, Teacher, School District 23


Building Self Discipline, Self Motivation and Self Esteem

Ever wish your students were more motivated, could work more independently and act more responsibly? In this up beat and entertaining session, Maggie will share time-proven ideas and techniques to encourage and motivate even the most discouraged students. Improve your teaching effectiveness dramatically as you employ practical tips on increasing self-esteem and generating a positive learning environment where students can assume responsibility for their own behavior.


Building Empathy, Self Discipline and Resiliance

Explore a fun and proactive approach to building a healthy classroom community encouraging students to develop self-reliance, empathy, resilience and compassion. Participate in activities you can take back to the classroom to help students develop cooperation, communication and assertiveness skills. This workshop is packed with sound, practical ideas of how you can reduce the incidence of conflict in your classroom, discipline more effectively, and teach students personal responsibility.

“This is an essential, calming experience for all, young and old, in today’s chaotic, whirlwind world.” V.D., Teacher, Peter Greer Elementary , Winfield BC



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