About Maggie


Maggie Reigh, B.Ed; B.T; CHt. is both a dynamic and entertaining speaker as well as a highly skilled hypnotherapist. 

Individual therapeutic sessions can be experienced in the comfort of your own home (around the globe) or in Maggie's home office in the beautiful Okanagan, BC Canada.

On stage, Maggie Reigh IS energy, warmth and enthusiasm!   Her presentations guarantee inspiration, entertainment, information and FUN!

Traveling internationally, Maggie has delivered over 900 seminars and presentations.  As an expert in relationships and communication, she receives outstanding reviews from educators, business people, and parents.

Maggie has worked as an adjunct professor, author, national columnist and is a welcome guest on both radio and television. CBC radio, Standard radio and CHBC television featured Maggie as a regular columnist for years, and she frequently appears on other radio and television broadcasts.

Maggie is the author of a number of books and training programs including 9 Ways to Bring Out the Best in You & Your Child.

Drawing from a diverse educational background, Maggie weaves stories, anecdotes and humor into time proven principles and techniques that add quality communication skills and substance to life and relationships.


Power-packed keynote addresses and innovative and interactive workshops create memorable, life-changing experiences. Thousands of individuals learned to improve communication skills, deal with stress and develop leadership skills in the workplace, at home, and in the classroom.

Combining education and entertainment, Maggie's 'edutainment' style keeps audiences and participants active and involved.  She specializes in generating creative and exciting environments that draw forth participants' inner wisdom.


Let Maggie tickle your funny bone & warm your heart with stories that will show you how to put the light back into your relationships and create the life you really want!  You'll leave Maggie's presentations & seminars refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to make positive & effective changes with easy to use, common sense tools that you can implement immediately!

The Media & Maggie

Maggie Reigh is an expert in stress solutions, relationships,  and communication.  As an International Speaker and Author, Maggie Reigh is a fun, dynamic, and sometimes controversial guest on both radio and television and has been quoted and featured in notable publications such as Today's Parent, Event Magazine, Okanagan Parents, and more.


Maggie is a welcome guest on CBC RADIO stations across Canada and served as CBC's monthly parenting "guru" for more than three years.


 1150 AM Standard Radio highlighted parenting with a weekly interview with Maggie for more than two years.


 CHBC television featured Maggie as a weekly contributor for more than five years.

Maggie frequently appears on other radio and television broadcasts.

Contact Maggie:

call 778-214-4684

(Lake Country BC, Canada)

or email maggiereigh@telus.net

Maggie Reigh, B.Ed; B.T; CHt