Conscious Communication Circles


Heart-Opening Communication Circles

Speak your Truth with Clarity and Confidence. Experience the Joy of being profoundly connected and understood.

In this highly interactive course you’ll learn tools to speak so people will listen and listen so people will speak. These skills will revolutionize your relationships and bring you the respect of your family, friends, and co-workers.

Fun, centering and soul-nourishing experiences, Heart Opening Communication Circles offer deep rewards in daily life.

Heart Opening Communication Circles teach you how to:

  • plug into a flow of energy that connects you instantly with those who are listening.

  • replace uncomfortable emotions with ease and well-being

  • use eye contact in a way that entices and invites others to eagerly listen to you

  • generate voice resonance that reaches the hearts of your listeners.

  • engage your body language to automatically gain more confidence and respect.

“I was surprised at how easy it was to be open and clear right from the beginning. I could feel my heart opening more each time.

It was awesome to experience myself thinking out loud through situations. I was amazed at how deep and profound my thoughts can be – and how easy it was to express them in such a supportive environment.” Lyudmila Kormich


Consciousness Raising Communication Circles

Employing the same interactive processes as the Heart Opening Communication Circles, the more advanced Consciousness Raising Communication Circles continue to deepen connection with Self and others. Now we add content specifically aimed at breaking through to higher levels of consciousness.

Consciousness Raising Communication Circles use a proven step-by-step process that teaches you how to:

  • free yourself from limiting beliefs and patterns that prevent you from enjoying life

  • truly engage in the present moment and the happiness it offers

  • empathize deeply and compassionately with others without getting caught up

    emotionally in their predicaments

  • embrace your true power and let go of your perceived need to control situations and people

If you would like to explore your Authentic Self (Inner Self, Wise Self, True Self, God Self…however you describe it) and give it expression we invite you to join us.


A Personal Note from Maggie Reigh:

I have been facilitating communication workshops for more than 35 years… I know how to put people at ease in group situations.  I have been developing and strengthening social-emotional skills all of my life! I’ve taught communication skills to school children, teachers, and business people. I’ve travelled across three continents as a professional speaker, taken Toastmasters competitions right up to World Championship competition, developed and taught programs for effective facilitation.

These Communication Circles generate more transformational experiences in less time than any other group process that I’ve experienced.

Participants enjoy using specialized tools designed to bring out their innate ability to connect and communicate meaningfully with others.

Whether you want to sharpen your speaking skills with large audiences, or feel confident and comfortable speaking one to one or with small groups.

This Communication Circle could be the breakthrough of a lifetime for you.