Keynotes and Seminars


Dynamic Keynotes and Seminars

Are you tired of seminars and keynotes that keep feeding you the same information over and over and yet they leave you frustrated with not knowing how to implement it?

Do you enjoy learning, but don’t want anyone to simply cram more “stuff” into your head?

Some of my clients have said, “I want to “learn,” but I don’t want to be “taught.” That’s why they love my fun, interactive and engaging approach to providing learning experiences that keep working long after the seminars and keynotes are over.

Check out the seminars and keynotes here if you are looking for experiences that will draw forth your OWN inner wisdom and leave you with tools to apply it in the REAL world.

They are guaranteed to be:

  • Relevant and custom designed to meet your life situations

  • Effective and based on proven methodologies

  • Applicable to daily life and relationships

  • Life enhancing and inspiring

Thousands of individuals have transformed energy draining relationships into healthy, harmonious and positive relationships.

Keynotes and seminars help you build strong and effective communication where it matters most and develop leadership skills that inspire cooperation, innovation, and excellence … in the workforce, at school, and at home. 


"Your seminar was a great success for us. Without exception the staff reports that they were happy the format was casual and light and that they enjoyed learning in a relaxed informal atmosphere after a whole day of work." Nature's Fare, Vernon BC

"Insightful, inspirational and practically based."  School District 23, Kelowna BC