REST Therapy


Feeling tense… stressed… worried or anxious?  Are your relationships in turmoil? Sleep interrupted?  Body complaining? Are you dealing with chronic pain?

There’s a reason for that… and you’ve probably spent as much time trying to figure it out as you have suffering the effects.  It’s not your fault if you can’t figure it out!  Because it’s the Conscious Mind doing the figuring while the Subconscious Mind is holding the worry, tension and anxiety and recreating those situations that keep triggering the stress.

REST Therapy is a proven system that dissolves unhealthy subconscious patterns and beliefs that keep you stressed while engaging and reinforcing your Innate Strength and Power to deal with whatever arises.

Knowing you truly can deal with whatever arises transforms the way you live and make a living. This is True Confidence!


REST Therapy gives you tools to release emotional, mental and physical pain. 

Releasing emotional pain and past trauma releases body pain and promotes healing. Releasing can be fast and relatively easy and is far less painful than continuing to stuff it down. (See testimonials below)

REST Therapy is different from most counselling. Most counselling and self-help processes focus on helping you change your thoughts and figure out your situation.  This can  provide momentary relief, and it can also stir up old memories with no way to release!

 REST Therapy teaches you to release the emotional and energetic charge that is held in the body so that the body automatically relaxes, thoughts change naturally, and physical healing is enhanced.   As you shift your energy and attract new thoughts you experience a whole new world unfolding.

REST Therapy  takes you right to the root of the pattern holding the triggering emotions.  Once you as an adult see how easy it can be to release the emotional charge from your body, in a safe and guided experience you can invite and empower your younger self to deal with the initial situation that triggered that response.

REST Therapy is a culmination of the most effective hypnotherapy techniques coupled with easy and effective emotional release tools such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), breathing practices, acupressure, and energy exercises.  It is a hybrid of methodologies combined to create lasting, profound change in anyone who desires to feel, think and act differently.

The American Health Magazine compared the recovery rates for various treatments and reported their finding as follows:

  • Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions

  • Behavior therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions

  • Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after 6 sessions

 REST Therapy has proven to help people more in very few sessions than years of counselling!  Our aim is to free you from conditioning that no longer serves you and to help you step fully into Being the Creator of your life!

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When you release old hurts, fears, resentments, anger, and feelings of powerlessness and unworthiness you will discover how Forgiveness truly sets you Free! Blaming others in any shape or form is akin to setting yourself on fire and hoping the other dies of smoke inhalation! Faking forgiveness just shoves the emotional trauma deeper into the body. Forgiveness comes easily and naturally with the REST Therapy System and the body experiences the relief immediately. 

REST Therapy works because it takes you right into the Subconscious Mind to release old habits and stressful, reactive patterns that no longer serve you. It provides you with tools  and techniques that  work quickly and effectively – and that you can continue to use daily to reduce your stress, dissolve and release uncomfortable emotions as they arise.

You will learn to access your innate power in all situations. Instead of experiencing life as happening to you, you'll see how it happens for you as you learn to strengthen your innate knowing and trust in the Creator within

Wondering if this is the answer for you?

We know it is difficult to know where to turn when you really want help and support with your deepest issues..."Will this really help? ...Can I trust this person? ...Is it really going to make a difference?" Let's talk and find out! 

We offer a Free Emotional Empowerment one hour session that will help us both know if this is the best fit for you. We have a very high success rate in helping people to experience lasting peace, joy, and love in life. We want to keep it that way! If we're not a fit we will do our best to refer you elsewhere.

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